An Audit could bankrupt you

Audits are serious business

Your pharmacy could have provider agreements terminated or be excluded from Medicare Part B & D, and Medicaid

Extrapolation can kill your business

Fraud, Waste & Abuse •

Avoid Fines, Penalties and worse

If you employ a person that is excluded from Federal Programs — you could pay a minimum fine of $10,000 plus triple the amount of claims the pharmacy was paid

A New York pharmacy paid $168,842 for employing an individual that it should have known was on the OIG Exclusion List

You could be forced to submit to unannounced compliance audits — and pay the costs

HIPAA violations carry fines up to $1.5 million per type of violation

Your pharmacy and pharmacists could lose their licenses, face fines, criminal charges, incarceration

Endorsed by 45+ organizations

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Annual Increase in Audits


Average Annual Savings


Audits Analyzed


In Chargebacks Saved

We deliver on our commitments to you

  • The Present — Our Mission

    As the industry-leading advocate and defender of community pharmacy dealings, PAAS National® will help you fight for fair audit treatment, improved contract terms, serve as your guiding light in helping you comply with rules and regulations such as Fraud, Waste and Abuse Compliance, and HIPAA Compliance and steer clear of trouble.

  • The Future — Our Vision

    PAAS National® will consistently win your respect and be the best-in-class resource by staying at the forefront of pharmacy through our knowledge and excellence to help your pharmacy thrive — not just survive.

  • Loyalty is Special

    Your loyalty is special to every member of the PAAS team — we treasure it. Our credo includes honesty in all dealings, integrity — always doing the right thing even when it is not the easiest path, and service — working longer, harder and smarter so we meet your expectations and keep your loyalty.

Day-After-Day • Week-After-Week • Year-After-Year

Are PBMs Killing Your Pharmacy?

Ask yourself, “Can I afford to go solo and fight an audit on my own?”

You could, but with the average annual savings in audit chargeback reductions generated through the help of PAAS of $14,722, it will pay for a PAAS membership for the next 32 years — and that’s just 1 year of audits!

  • Do you know how to prepare yourself for all different types of audits?
  • Can you effectively address hundreds of different audit discrepancies?
  • Do you know all your rights and obligations in audit situations?

If you are honest, you will admit you cannot do this on your own!

If you join PAAS National® today, you could save your pharmacy’s life!

That’s no joke. The team at PAAS National® is dedicated to helping you survive unilateral contracts, predatory audits, or whatever new trick that the PBMs are springing on you — and we have done this consistently since 1993.

PAAS National® is an advocate of community pharmacies and your resource for timely advice and support. PAAS National® fights for you to gain fair and equitable treatment in third-party dealings. We start with proactive education for you and your staff on safe filling and billing methods.

Chances are you have heard about PAAS from other pharmacy owners. The business climate today is tough — rules, regulations and audits make it tougher. Pharmacy audits are big profit centers for PBMs and plan sponsors — money straight from your pockets into theirs. Audits generate hundreds of millions of dollars every year.

Join PAAS now, do not wait another minute. Gain access to comprehensive array of benefits — audit assistance, contract reviews, fraud, waste and abuse compliance, HIPAA compliance and much more — real survival tools that will begin paying off the instant you join.

Be Proactive • Be Prepared • Be Protected
Ed Heckman, R.Ph.
Ed Heckman, R.Ph.
Founded by Edward Heckman, R.Ph.

Ed Heckman has dedicated his life to helping independent pharmacists prosper — and he is good at it. He founded PAAS in 1993 to help community pharmacies defend themselves from unfair audit practices. Ed recently retired as the CEO of Compliant Pharmacy Alliance® and now devotes all of his attention to PAAS.

PAAS is YOUR Resource

The PAAS team is dedicated to helping you. We have four full-time pharmacists and a complement of technician analysts with an average of 8 years of experience. PAAS constantly updates their historical database with information on hundreds of types of audits — in fact we even keep a scorecard on individual auditors.


Be Proactive • Be Prepared • Be Protected
Divider Background
  • “PAAS has outstanding technicians and pharmacists on staff who have helped me tremendously with my recent audits. I would not hesitate to recommend PAAS to any pharmacy owner.”

    Samir Shah, Citizens Pharmacy, Flowery Branch, GA
  • “We have run all audit/inquiries through a PAAS review. We have done so with desk audits, on site audits, and contract review. We have been very pleased in every instance. The on-site audit resulted in an initial potential liability of $32,000. With the support and guidance of PAAS this amount was eventually reduced to approximately $2,000. I am convinced we could not have had this level of success without the professional assistance of the PAAS team.”

    Al Roberts, Remington Drug Company, Remington, VA
  • “The team at PAAS National has helped us through every step of the audit process. After 12 audits this year we've only had $16 taken back thanks to the help of PAAS.”

    Ben Calcaterra, Family Drugs, Carterville, IL
  • “Our pharmacy has been with PAAS since July. They have paid for themselves twice over. I get to speak to a real person, not a machine. Very professional organization.”

    Beverly Solomon, Toronto Apothecary, Toronto, OH
  • “PAAS is amazing!!! From the FWA/HIPAA to the audit assist, we will never use anyone else. We had two big audits this year totally around $300,000 worth of claims. We keep amazing records but when we sent our documents to PAAS to review before we submitted, they were so helpful in identifying a few things that we did not see. I am glad to say that in both of these audits [the PBM] recouped $0. We are very pleased to have PAAS on our side and their expertise is priceless. Thank you PAAS!!!”

    Corey Duteau, Freedom Pharmacy, Winooski, VT

Does your pharmacy meet HIPAA and Fraud, Waste and Abuse Compliance Standards?
ALL pharmacies are required to have comprehensive compliance programs

The PAAS National® compliance program for Fraud, Waste and Abuse plus HIPAA is all inclusive — ready to go to work for you. Everything you need at your fingertips available 24/7, helping you to effectively and efficiently manage your pharmacy’s compliance program. In fact the PAAS FWAC/HIPAA Program is the easiest and most complete available — and it is customized for YOU.

The Low Cost of Security

Expert Audit Assistance

Contract Reviews, Critical Resources
$489or lessannual rate*
  • As low as $336 per pharmacy for 20 or more stores
  • * All pharmacies under common ownership must join
  • * Pharmacies involved in an audit must purchase a two-year membership
  • View the Full List of Benefits Below

Compliance Programs
$498per year if aPAAS member**

Complete Benefits List

(Click on title for more info)

  • Audit Assistance - One Flat Annual Fee - No Added Charges

    You pay one annual fee; then use PAAS as often as you need - no added charges. Some of our competitors charge a percentage of your audit chargeback - NOT PAAS! Our reward is the satisfaction gained from helping you keep your money.

  • 25 Years - Best-in-class Advice
  • Expert Audit Assistance

    PAAS is your advocate at your side from pre-audit preparations through post-audit discrepancies. After 25 years of Audits you name it — whether Caremark, ESI, Medicaid, Medicare Part D, DMEPOS Part B and many more — we have seen it.

  • Pre-Audit Consultation
  • Contact PAAS First

    Your first move after receiving notification of an audit — CONTACT PAAS! We have experience in over 59,000 prescription claims audits and give you the specifics on preparing for your audit.

  • Peace of Mind

    Fear of the audit unknown can be unsettling - especially when it can hit your pocketbook. PAAS provides information so you will know what to expect.

  • Detailed Audit Preparation

    We keep track of PBM’s habits. PAAS knows the focus of each Audit type, right down to individual auditor tactics. Plus PAAS helps you understand your rights during an audit.

  • Post Audit Defense
  • Experienced Guidance

    Chances are your initial audit will demand over $10,000 in chargebacks. PAAS knows what documentation you need to collect, how to organize it and then the proper methods to submit the information.

  • $14,722 In Annual Savings

    We give you the best chance to resolve Audit discrepancies. On average with the help of PAAS, pharmacies will save $14,722 annually in audit chargebacks — keep money in your pocket.

  • Proactive Tips and Prevention
  • PAAS Audit Assistance Member Manual

    Members receive this guide with proactive tips to help audit proof your pharmacy and save you money. Learn to utilize your PAAS membership to the fullest extent.

  • Third-Party Newsline - Newsletter

    The PAAS monthly newsletter is a member favorite that provides important audit prevention tips and timely information on PBM audit tactics.

  • Safe Filling & Billing Tips

    Any member of your staff can contact PAAS with filling and billing questions. Avoid issues that could trigger an audit.

  • Contract Strategies and Profitability
  • Contract Reviews

    Accept or reject — that is the question. Whether a new contract or an addendums or amendment, PAAS reviews contracts and points out potential risks and pitfalls. Our library of contracts and reviews numbers in the hundreds.

  • Third-Party Strategies and Profitability

    PAAS helps you with strategies to aid negotiations with PBMs. We use our profit model to project a plan’s profitability.

  • Valuable Resources
  • Signature Logs — Books, Forms and Postcards

    PAAS can provide templates for Sig Log Forms and Postcards. Or purchase PAAS Signature Logbooks — spiral bound, 400 pages and holds 10,000 signatures for only $12.99 + shipping.

  • Forms you need every day

    PAAS provides an array of important forms for members. Signature Log Forms, Signature Logbooks, Signature Log Postcards, Patient Affidavits, Compounding Protocols and Discrepancy Report Forms, plus others help you address Third-Party requirements.

  • PBM Contacts

    PAAS maintains a contact database of PBM and plan sponsor personnel. Bypass the unhelpful help desk. If you are tired of Help Desks staffed from remote areas of the world and need a contact and telephone number, check with PAAS.

  • Day Supply Charts

    PAAS provides handy charts that help you accurately transmit the correct day supply. Charts for Insulin, Inhalers, Nasal, Eye and Topicals help you prevent audit recoupments.

  • Patient Affidavits

    Form to help pharmacies collect signatures and the verification of prescription services for audit purposes.

  • Attorney Referrals

    Unfortunately some audits may require you to retain legal assistance. PAAS can assist in your search for legal representation and can provide attorney contact information.

  • Return on Investment - PAAS has saved members more than $463 million in chargeback penalties
  • Does your pharmacy meet HIPAA and Fraud, Waste and Abuse compliance standards?

    The PAAS National® compliance programs are all inclusive. Everything you need at your fingertips, online, available 24/7. Easy to navigate yet the most complete pharmacy program available — customized to your pharmacy

  • Compliance is more than Training!

    Your pharmacy must have comprehensive compliance programs that meet ALL the standards for Fraud, Waste and Abuse Compliance as well as HIPAA Compliance — and Training is only one element.

  • Tools to Make Your Life Easier
  • FWAC Program Guide

    The PAAS FWAC/HIPAA Program Guide contains all the pertinent information you need to develop a good understanding of compliance requirements and administering the program.

  • Dashboard Monitor

    The Dashboard Monitor tells you the status of your program in real time. You also receive reminders and email alerts that will keep you ahead of the game.

  • Attestation Statements

    PBMs want proof of your FWAC and HIPAA compliance programs — just click and print your Attestation Statement online at any time.

  • On Demand Access

    Proof and documentation are available on demand at any time. Print training certificates or Attestation Statements, check employee status, keep track of all your pharmacies — as often as necessary

  • Exclusion Lists Screened Daily

    Every day, PAAS scans all employees against the OIG & GSA Exclusion Lists for possible matches. When a match is found PAAS sends you urgent electronic notifications.

  • Quality Assurance

    Internal auditing and monitoring tools required to track, document and reduce errors — includes Incident Reports.

  • Investigating and Reporting FWA

    We provide a step-by-step guide for investigating, reporting and taking action against FWA.

  • Web based - 24/7 Secure Online Access
  • Secure Program Data

    The PAAS compliance programs for Fraud, Waste and Abuse as well as HIPAA securely store your program data for you to retrieve in an instant.

  • Centralized Tracking
  • FWA & Compliance Training

    CMS approved fraud, waste and abuse, and compliance training. Divided into narrated modules that are convenient and efficient training for your employees – all online and available 24/7. Training is required for new hires and all employees annually.

  • HIPAA Compliance Training

    HIPAA required compliance training for employees in narrated modules that are convenient and efficient – all online and available 24/7. HIPAA training is required for new hires and all employees annually

  • Training Completion Certificates

    Lost a certificate? No worries reprint training certificates at any time.

  • FWAC Customized to your Pharmacy
  • Custom Tailored Compliance Programs

    Your compliance program must be customized to reflect your pharmacy’s practices. If you own multiple pharmacies each must have its own unique program. From the responses you provide to our detailed survey, PAAS can accurately describe your pharmacy’s operations and policies & procedures.

  • FWAC/HIPAA Policy & Procedure Manual

    From your input to our survey, PAAS creates your custom FWAC and HIPAA Policy & Procedure Manual.

  • FWAC Employee Handbook Materials

    Add FWA and HIPAA to your Employee Handbook. PAAS generates pages for you — just insert them into your pharmacy’s Employee Handbook.

  • Code of Conduct/Conflict of Interest Policies

    Straight-forward, your pharmacy’s custom Code of Conduct Policy and Conflict of Interest Policy is ready to be printed and signed by your employees.

  • Aids to Meet HIPAA's Requirements
  • NOPP — Notice of Privacy Practices

    Customized to your pharmacy’s privacy practices that can be easily updated when you make changes. HIPAA requires your patients to receive the most current NOPP.

  • Essential HIPAA Forms

    All the required notices, acknowledgements, requests, disclosures, checklists, worksheets and logs needed to administer a HIPAA compliance program.

  • Business Associate Agreements

    You are required to obtain Business Associate Agreements — BAAs from your subcontractors exposed to PHI. Our templates help you ensure that you have a valid BAA form so you can meet the BAA requirements for even your smallest vendors.

  • Risk Analysis

    Use our template to assess your pharmacy’s threats and vulnerabilities to the security of electronic PHI. Let it guide you to identify administrative, physical and technical safeguards to minimize risks.

  • Disaster Recovery Plan

    Using your Risk Analysis we guide you through the process to plan for disasters big and small. Get your pharmacy back up and running while still protecting your patient’s PHI.

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Fraud Waste and Abuse training
  • PAAS members experienced 2.71 audits per pharmacy in 2017, up from 2.27 in 2016. The number of audits will continue to rise in 2018!
  • The average pharmacy is audited 2.71 times per year. By working with PAAS pre- and post-audit, on average members reduced their annual audit paybacks by $14,722, or just 16.93% of the original demands.

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