HIPAA Compliance

PAAS National® has expanded HIPAA Compliance in the FWAC Program.

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 C. E. Seminars

All PAAS seminars are constantly revised and updated to keep them current and on the cutting edge. Heckman and the PAAS Team pride themselves in presenting content that is full of useful and practical information that retail pharmacists can put into play immediately.

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 What our Members are Saying...

“Abusive PBM practices can be terrifying.  Having PAAS in our corner provides peace of mind that by itself is worth the cost of membership.  The thousands extra we have saved is just icing."

--Matthew Morgan
Belmont's Drug Store
Belmont, NC

What is PAAS?

Are PBMs and Managed Care Plans Killing Your Pharmacy?

  • Do you know how to prepare and handle yourself in an audit and effectively respond to discrepancies?
  • Did you know that chances are your pharmacy will be audited multiple times in 2015?
  • Did you know that if a pharmacy did not receive PAAS assistance before their audit – the average initial discrepancy in 2014 was $10,914?
  • Do you know how to negotiate with Third Parties?
  • Can you calculate and project your profit from a Third-Party network?
If you join PAAS National® today, you could save your pharmacy’s life.

Save Your Pharmacy

That's no joke.  PAAS National® has been helping pharmacists survive unilateral contracts and predatory audits created by profit-hungry PBMs and Managed Care Plans since 1993.

PAAS National® - the Pharmacy Audit Assistance Service is recognized by Community Pharmacists as the national authority on Third Parties. PAAS is an expert resource on Third-Party Audits, Contracts and Negotiating Strategies.

PAAS National® is an advocate of community pharmacy and your resource for timely advice and support. PAAS National® will work for you to see that you receive the most equitable treatment possible in all types of Third-Party dealings. PAAS National® works proactively to educate pharmacists on the safe filling and billing of pharmacy claims to Third Parties. Learn more about how PAAS has helped some of their members here.

Chances are you've heard of PAAS National®. For Community Pharmacies, there's no better resource in the country for Third-Party assistance. PAAS National's® mission is straightforward. We strive with endless energy to provide the resources and tools for you to exercise your rights to fair treatment from PBMs and Managed Care Plans. PAAS is your beacon in the Third-Party storm.

At PAAS we know that the business climate for independent pharmacies today is tough and that Managed Care and PBMs make it even tougher. They are making pharmacy audits their business because they believe 10% of the claims they pay are discrepant with fraud, waste and abuse. They're looking to recoup millions of dollars through your backdoor coming straight from your bottom line.

By joining PAAS National® today, we will give your pharmacy access to comprehensive benefits including contract reviews and unparalleled audit assistance—real survival tools in today's pharmacy business climate.

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